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In other words, when the unconscious mind expects something to happen, it

gives little micro-muscular twitches that cause the pendulum to move one way

or another.

While these signals are very subtle, they can easily be read using a pendulum,

helping you to communicate with your unconscious mind.

How to make a Pendulum on the spot

If you have a pendant and a necklace, you can easily use these as

your pendulum. But if you don’t, you can make one by simply tying a bolt or nut

onto a piece of thread.

Regardless of whether you buy a pendulum or make one, it’s a good idea to

carry it around for a few days so it attunes with your energy.

Using the Pendulum and Self-hypnosis

In theory, self-hypnosis sounds like a pretty easy task: Simply sit with your eyes

closed, relax, connect with your breath and guide your thoughts towards a

specific intention.

However, in reality, it can be much more challenging than this very basic

instruction. This is because the conscious mind often has another agenda. One

that involves distracting you with a million thoughts so you’re unable to truly

connect with that all-important unconscious mind.

So when this inevitably happens (especially when you’re starting out), it’s

important to find a way to bypass the critical factor (aka, the conscious mind) so

you can get to “work.”

And one of the most effective (and easiest) ways to do this is to use a pendulum.

The story goes that during the eighteenth century, a man named Anton Chevreul,

was the first to discover that information in individuals subconscious mind could

be uncovered more easily using a pendulum.

Many hypnosis trainers believe strongly that the process of using the pendulum

should be integrated into any hypnosis training program. The hypnosis

pendulum is used as a tool that allows an individual’s subconscious mind to

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