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	Part One: Natural Beauty Product Basics
		Chapter One: Why Make Your Own?
			Protect Your Body—and the Earth
			Cleanliness Counts
				Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize
				Good Sanitizing Products to Use
				Commercial Sanitizers
				Preserving Safety
			Caring for Your Skin
		Chapter Two: Beautiful Buttersand Oils
			A Few Notes on Butters and Oils
			Butters and Oils for Making Beauty Products
		Chapter Three: All About Essential Oils
			How Much Essential Oil to Use?
			Essential Oils for Making Beauty Products
		Chapter Four: Helpful Herbs
			Herbs for Making Beauty Products
			Extracts and Infusions
				Making Extracts
				Making Infusions
	Part Two: Pampering Skin and Body Products
		Chapter Five: Clays and Masks
			The Importance of Labeling
			Clays and Their Benefits
				Bentonite Clay (Montmorillonite and Smectite Groups)
				French Green Clay (Montmorillonite and Smectite Groups)
				Green Illite Clay (Illite Group)
				Fuller’s Earth (Montmorillonite and Smectite Groups)
				White Kaolin Clay (Kaolinite Group)
				Pink, Red, Black, and Yellow Kaolin Clay (Kaolinite Group)
				Moroccan Red Clay (Montmorillonite and Smectite Groups)
				Moroccan Rhassoul Clay (Montmorillonite and Smectite Groups)
				Rose Clay (Blend)
			Which Clay Is Best for Your Skin Type?
			Making Facial Masks
				Simple Milk and Clay Mask
				Dry Skin Mask
				Normal Skin Mask
				Oily Skin Mask
				Oily Problem Skin Mask
				Delicious Chocolate and Strawberry Mask
				Rejuvenating Mask
			Making Facial Peels
				Simple Facial Peel
				Facial Peel for Mature Skin
				Facial Peel for Oily Skin
		Chapter Six: All Things Facial
			The Basics of Making Facial Products
			Making Facial Creams
				Extreme Facial Crème
				Açai Face Butter
				Light Facial Cream
				Anti-Aging Facial Cream for Younger Skin
				Anti-Aging Facial Cream for Mature Skin
				Anti-Aging Eye Cream
				Moisturizing Facial Cream
				Light Moisturizer
			Making Facial Cleansers
				Cold Cream
				Sunflower Facial Cleansing Cream
				Facial Cleansing Cream for Problem Skin
			Making Exfoliants
				Avena Facial Cleanser and Exfoliant
				Jojoba Exfoliant
				Oatmeal Exfoliant
			Making Facial Balms
				Dry Skin Facial Balm
				Snow Ski Facial Balm
				Kokum Butter Moisturizing Facial Balm
			Making Facial Toners
				Facial Toner for Normal to Dry Skin
				Facial Toner for Normal to Sensitive Skin
				Facial Toner for Rosacea
				Facial Toner for Oily Skin
				Facial Toner for Acne
				Rose Water Facial Toner
		Chapter Seven: Body Beautiful
			Making Body Butter
				Thick and Luscious Body Butter
				Simple Body Butter
				Body Butter for Mature Skin
				Pregnant Belly Butter
				Only-the-Best Body Butter
				Painful Feet Cream
				Antifungal Cream
			Making Lotions
				Baby Lotion
				Light and Silky Lotion
				Light and Lovely Lotion
				Super-Rich Lotion for Mature Skin
				Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Skin
			Making Body Powders
				Simple After-Bath Powder
			Making Scrubs
				Wow! What a Scrub
				Simple Sugar Scrub
			Making Shower Scrub Cubes
				Shower Scrub Cubes
			Making Milk Baths
				Luscious Milk Bath
			Making Bath Tea
				Floral Bath Tea
			Making Bath Oils
				Lavender Bath Oil
				Basic Bath Oil
			Making Fragrance Blends
				Moonlit Tango Fragrance Blend
				St. Louis Slide Fragrance Blend
				English Porcelain Fragrance Blend
				Christmas Rose Fragrance Blend
				Pearl of the East Fragrance Blend
			Making Bath Bombs
				Bath Bomb
			Making Jelly Soap for Kids
				Bath-Time Jelly Soap for Kids
	Part Three: Creating MineralMakeup
		Chapter Eight: Mineral Makeup
			The Basics of Making Mineral Makeup
			Your Work Area
			Making Pressed Powders
			Making Mineral Foundations
				Natural Sheer Base Filler
				Medium-Coverage Base Filler
				Maximum-Coverage Base Filler
			Making Color Grinds
				Ivory Color Grind
				Sand Tone Color Grind
				Gold Tone Color Grind
				Sun Deep Gold Color Grind
				Honey Russet Color Grind
				Olive Color Grind
				Rose Tones Color Grind
				Bronze Color Grind
			Making Color Correctors
				Green Color Corrector
				Violet Color Corrector
				Yellow Color Corrector
			Making Concealer
		Chapter Nine: Blushes and Bronzers
			The Basics of Making Blush
			Making Color Grinds for Blushes
				Pink Tones
				Rosy Tones
				Deep Red Tones
				Peach Tones
				Plum Tones
				Brown-Cinnamon Tones
				Making Bronzers
		Chapter Ten: For the Eyes
			The Basics of Making Eye Shadows
			Making Eye Shadow Color Grinds
			Making Eyeliner
				Eyeliner Pencil
				Pressed Powder Eyeliner
				Liquid Eyeliner
			Making Mascara
		Chapter Eleven: Everything Lips
			Making Lip Balms
				Shea-Ya–Like Lip Balm
				Bee Sweet Lip Balm
				Cocoa Buttery Lip Balm
			Making Lip Gloss
				Simple and Conditioning Lip Gloss
				Colorful Lip Gloss
				Lava Lip Gloss
			Making Lipsticks
				Lip-Loving Lipstick
				Mango Lipstick
			Making Color Grinds for Lipsticks
				Browns and Cinnamons
			Making Lipstick Pencils
				Lip Liner Pencil Base
	Part Four: For the Fellasand Beyond
		Chapter Twelve: For the Guys
			The Basics of Making Manly Products
			Fragrance Blends for Men
				His Texas Waltz Fragrance Blend
				His Cowboy Two-Step Fragrance Blend
				His Tropical Spice Fragrance Blend
				His Blackberry Tweed Fragrance Blend
				His Handsome and Distinguished Fragrance Blend
			Making Men’s Shaving Cream
				His Shaving Cream
			Making After-Shave Splash
				His Old Lime After-Shave Splash
				His Embracing After-Shave Splash
			Making After-Shave Lotion
				His Cowboy Two-Step After-Shave Lotion
				His Essentially After-Shave Lotion
			Making After-Bath Powders
				His Dry and Comfortable After-Bath Powder
				His Deodorizing After-Bath Powder
			Making Manly Moisturizers
				His Mature Skin Facial Moisturizer
				His Light Facial Moisturizer
				His Light Facial Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Skin
			Making Exfoliants for Men
				His Oily Skin Exfoliant
				His Normal and Dry Skin Exfoliant
			Making Men’s Skin-Tightening Masks
				His Skin-Tightening and Moisturizing Mask
				His Exfoliant and Cleansing Mask
			Making Foot-Care Products for Him
				His Exfoliating Foot Cream
				His Stinky Feet Lotion
				His Stinky Feet Powder
				His Peppermint Foot Cream
				His Seriously Dry and Cracked Foot Mask
				His Foot Butter
			Making Massage Oil for Him
				His Massage Oil
		Chapter Thirteen: Final Bits and Pieces
			Those Pearly Whites
				Peppermint Toothpowder
				Healthy Gums Toothpowder
			Get Your Nails Noticed!
				Kukui and Shea Cuticle Cream
				Cuticle Oil
				Cuticle Stick
				Custom Nail Polish
			For Teen Girls! And Almost-Teens, Too!
				Glitter Gel
				Glitter Spray
				Fragrant Body Spray
				Solid Perfume
				Zit Be Gone
			Other Useful Odds and Ends
				Pregnant Belly Balm
				Stretch Mark Oil
				Hand Sanitizer
				Fragrance Stones
				Lotion Bars
				Un-Petroleum Jelly
				Shower Sinus Tabs
			Take Care of Your Hair
				Easy Hair Conditioner
				Conditioning Spray for Dry Hair
				Conditioning Spray for Oily Hair
			For Special Skin Treatment
				Cracked Heels and Hands Balm
				Rash Spray
				Red Skin Balancing Spray
				Antifungal Cream
				Arnica Balm
				All-Purpose Hand Cream
				Rashes-and-More Cream
				Total Body Balm
			Soothing Oils for Mature Skin
				Velvet Skin Oil for Mature Skin
				Nourishing Oil for Mature Skin
			Scar Tissue Oil
				Scar Tissue Oil
				Rosehip Scar Tissue Oil
			Making an Essential Oil Blend
				Essential Oil Blend for Pain Relief
				Antifungal Essential Oil Blend
		Appendix A: Glossary
		Appendix B: INCI Labeling Names
		Appendix C: FDA Labeling Rules
		Appendix D: Resources
		Appendix E: Preservatives
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Making Natural;
Beauty Products ;
by Sally W. Trew with Zonella B. Gould
A member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.

Page 153

132 Part 3:
eating Mineral Makeup
French or rose talc
.1 ounce (2.8 grams)
Magnesium stearate
.1 ounce (2.8 grams)
Titanium dioxide
.1 ounce (2.8 grams)
Jojoba oil
.035 ounce (1 gram; 1 milliliter)
(see manufacturer’s recommendation)
Prepare as directed in the Sweet Valentine Blush recipe.
Romance Blush
A beautiful medium peach tone. This blush is perfect for medium-light complexions

with warm tones. This recipe makes just over 1 ounce (29 grams).
Butter Yellow mica
.15 ounce (4.3 grams)<
Scarlet O’Hara mica .15 ounce (4.3 grams)<
Red oxide
.05 ounce (1.4 grams)<
Yellow oxide
1 Pinch <
Titanium dioxide
.15 ounce (4.3 grams)<
French or rose talc
.25 ounce (7.1 grams)<
Magnesium stearate
.15 ounce (4.3 grams)<
Rice powder or silk mica
.1 ounce (2.8 grams)<
Jojoba oil
.035 ounce (1 gram; 1 milliliter) <
(see manufacturer’s recommendation) <
Prepare as directed in the Sweet Valentine Blush recipe.
Lightly Dusted Peach Blush
A soft apricot and peach blush with a hint of cinnamon. Have a light tan? This blush

would be perfect! This recipe makes just over 1 ounce (30 grams).
Sparkling Rose mica
.1 ounce (2.8 grams)
Pink Coral mica
.2 ounce (5.7 grams)
Apricot mica
.2 ounce (5.7 grams)
Antique Copper mica
.08 ounce (2.1 grams)
TKB Trading Matte Texture Base .05 ounce (1.4 grams)

French or rose talc
.25 ounce (7.1 grams)
Magnesium stearate
.08 ounce (2.3 grams)

Page 154

Chapter 9:
133 Rice powder or silk mica
.075 ounce (2.1 grams)
Jojoba oil
.035 ounce (1 gram; 1 milliliter)
(see manufacturer’s recommendation)
Prepare as directed in the Sweet Valentine Blush recipe.
Plum Tones
No one blushes a plum color, but for those with darker complexions, the plum blushes

can be gorgeous! If you’ve ever had your colors done, you know colors are divided

into two groups: warm and cool. If you look better in gold, you’re a warm tone; if

you look better in silver, you’re a cool tone. To wear these colors, you have to have a

darker complexion with a cool tone. Remember, plum has both red and blues, making

it a cool color.
Sweet Plum Blush
A medium plum with a hint of pink undertone. This blush is not for blondes or those

with fair complexions. This recipe makes 1 ounce (28.4 grams).
Sparkling Rose mica
.2 ounce (5.7 grams)<
Manganese Violet
.2 ounce (5.7 grams)<
Oriental Beige mica
.2 ounce (5.7 grams)<
French or rose talc
.2 ounce (5.7 grams)<
Magnesium stearate
.1 ounce (2.8 grams)<
Rice powder or silk mica
.05 ounce (1.4 grams)<
Jojoba oil
.035 ounce (1 gram; 1 milliliter) <
(see manufacturer’s recommendation) <
Prepare as directed in the Sweet Valentine Blush recipe.
Plum ’N’ Berries Blush
A deep plum with red undertones. This blush is dramatic! This recipe makes 1 ounce

Manganese Violet mica
.2 ounce (5.7 grams)
Antique Copper mica
.2 ounce (5.7 grams)
Colorona Russet mica
3 Tads plus 1 Pinch

Page 306

Index 285
Flirtatious Bride <
Lipstick Color Grind,<

181 <
In the Plum Lipstick<
Color Grind, 184 <
Incurable Romantic<
Lipstick Color Grind,<

185 <
Lava Lip Gloss, 172<

Lip Liner Pencil Base, <
187 <
Lip-Loving Lipstick,<
174 <
Mango Lipstick, 177 <

My ’d Azure Lipstick<
Color Grind, 179 <
Nude Model Lipstick<
Color Grind, 181 <
Nude Sparks Lipstick<
Color Grind, 180 <
Orange Sorbet Lipstick<
Color Grind, 182 <
Peaches ’N’ Brown <
Sugar Lipstick Color <

Grind, 182<
Pink Taffy Lipstick
Color Grind, 183 <
Plum Berries Lipstick<
Color Grind, 185 <
Red Spiced Cinnamon <
Lipstick Color Grind,<

185 <
Sensuous Lipstick Color <
Grind, 179<
Shea-Ya–Like Lip Balm, <
169 <
Simple and <
Conditioning Lip <

Gloss, 171<
Sizzling Lipstick Color <
Grind, 182<
Spun Sugar Lipstick<
Color Grind, 184 <
Strawberry Pearls<
Lipstick Color Grind,<

183 <
Sweet Kisses Lipstick<
Color Grind, 183 <
Sweetheart Pink<
Lipstick Color Grind,<

184 <
Umber Penny Lipstick
Color Grind, 180 <
lotion bars, 222<

men’s products<
His Blackberry Tweed <
Fragrance Blend, 193 <
His Cowboy Two-Step <
After-Shave Lotion, <

198 <
His Cowboy Two-Step <
Fragrance Blend, 193 <
His Deodorizing After-<
Bath Powder, 201 <
His Dry and <
Comfortable After-<

Bath Powder, 201 <
His Embracing After-<
Shave Splash, 197 <
His Essentially After-<
Shave Lotion, 199 <
His Exfoliant and <
Cleansing Mask, 206 <
His Exfoliating Foot<
Cream, 207 <
His Foot Butter, 211 <

His Handsome and <
Distinguished <

Fragrance Blend, 194 <
His Light Facial<
Moisturizer, 203 <
His Light Facial<
Moisturizer for Acne- <

Prone Skin, 203 <
His Massage Oil, 212 <

His Mature Skin Facial<
Moisturizer, 202 <
His Normal and Dry <
Skin Exfoliant, 205 <
His Oily Skin Exfoliant,<
204 <
His Old Lime After-<
Shave Splash, 196 <
His Peppermint Foot <
Cream, 210 <
His Seriously Dry and <
Cracked Foot Mask, <

210 <
His Shaving Cream,<
194 <
His Skin-Tightening <
and Moisturizing <

Mask, 206 <
His Stinky Feet Lotion, <
208 <
His Stinky Feet Powder, <
209 <
His Texas Waltz <
Fragrance Blend, 193 <
His Tropical Spice <
Fragrance Blend, 193 <
mineral makeup<
Bronze Color Grind,<
119 <Concealer, 122 <

Gold Tone Color <
Grind, 117<
Green Color Corrector,<
120 <
Honey Russet Color <
Grind, 118<
Ivory Color Grind, 115 <

Maximum Coverage <
Base Filler, 113 <
Medium-Coverage Base<
Filler, 113 <

Page 307

286 The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Making Natural Beauty Products
Natural Sheer Base
Filler, 112 <
Olive Color Grind, 118 <

Rose Tones Color <
Grind, 118<
Sand Tone Color<
Grind, 116<
Sun Deep Gold Color <
Grind, 117<
Violet Color Corrector,<
120 <
Yellow Color Corrector,<
121 <
nails and cuticles, 215-217 <

skin treatment <
All-Purpose Hand
Cream, 229 <
Antifungal Cream, 227 <

Arnica Balm, 228 <

Cracked Heels and <
Hands Balm, 226 <
Rash Spray, 226<

Cream, 229 <
Red Skin Balancing <
Spray, 227 <
Total Body Balm, 230 <
toothpowder, 214<
rosemary oleoresin <
extract <
rosemary oleoresin extract <
(ROE), 9 <
S sandalwood, 28<

sanitizing products, 5-6 <

skin, 7, 11, 230 <
elasticity, 12-13 <
problems, 41<
tones, 119 <

treatment, recipes.
See <recipes, skin treatment <
type, 51<
Skin Flo, 209 <

sodium lauryl sulfate<
soap-making, 13, 16<

sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), 4 <

soy wax, 69, 71<

spikenard, 28<

spurge, 42<

sun-damaged skin, 12, 42<

super bugs, 25<
T teen girls, 217-219<

TKB Trading, 108, 141 <

tocopherols, 15, 17<

toothpastes, commercial, 213 <

trailing eclipta, 40<

tulsi, 42<

turmeric, 42<
UV protection, 13<

Vaseline, 222<

vegetable wax, 69<

vitamin A, 10-12, 15-16, 20, <
39 <vitamin B, 10-12, 20, 38-39 <

vitamin C, 10-12, 16-17,<
38-39 <
vitamin D, 11, 24<

vitamin E, 10-12, 15-16,<
20-21, 38<
vitamin F, 11, 22<

vitiligo, 16<
walnut, 42<

yarrow, 36<

ylang ylang, 36<

Z-Cote zinc oxide, 71<

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