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TitleThe Lucid Dreaming: A Short Story by Lisa Morton
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                            LISA MORTON
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The Lucid Dreaming
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Lisa Morton “The Lucid Dreaming” 11

I’d been taking it every day, and I was fine. I knew it wouldn’t help this nightmare
– it needed a couple of days to really kick in – but it would stop this from occurring again.
So I cradled him until it was over, crying with him, rocking him gently. Then I slid two of
the pills into his mouth and made him drink some bottled water.

It worked. The Prolixin worked on both of us. He didn’t have another nightmare
as long as I made him take it.

When the nightmare had passed, Teddy was groggy but somewhat conscious. I
told him it wasn’t safe here any more, that we had to leave, and I told him where I wanted
to go. He just nodded. I loaded the car with clothes, batteries, the last of the food, and
Teddy, then we split.

  

We drove for days. When gas pumps didn’t work we siphoned gas from other
cars. We sometimes stayed in motels, sometimes in deserted houses. Out of the cities we
found markets still stocked, and packed our new truck with non-perishables.

I shot one man.
He was big and naked. He came up to me outside a store and demanded his

clothes back. I tried to go around him, but he grabbed me. Teddy pulled at him, and he
turned around and punched Teddy. He was turning back to me when I pulled the gun and
fired. He kind of exploded and fell down dead.

I felt strange. I wondered if I had been infected now. It felt unreal. It was like the
things that used to flash before my eyes, the things that I knew were crazy.

Teddy was wiping blood from his nose and tugging at me gently. “Let’s go.”
“Is this real?” I asked.
He responded truthfully, “I don’t know.”

  

The Prolixin provoked some nasty allergic reactions in Teddy. He finally told me
he wouldn’t take it any more, that he missed his dreams anyway. I agreed. To tell the
truth, I liked him better without the Prolixin, too.

We reached my goal ten days after we’d started out. As I expected there was no
security any more. The checkpoints where unattended, the off-limits areas wide open.

Teddy and I live here in the White House now. And we’ve adopted a child, a little
girl who I think used to belong to one of the servants here. Her name is Anna, she’s about
7 or 8 and cute as can be. She has an adorable recurrent dream about a friend named Togo
who takes her for rides in the sky in his magic ponycar. It’s been a while now since
Teddy’s had a nightmare. There’s plenty of food here, and winter hasn’t come yet so it’s
still warm.

When we got here, we found this guy in the office. He might have been important,
real important, once, but now he was dressed in nothing but underwear and trying to eat a
flag. I kicked him out.

I’ve been going through files for weeks, looking for an answer, but it’s hard when
the computers won’t run any more. At least the paper files are good for burning.

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