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An odd moment in the shining was when Danny walks into the room and

has a chat with his dad, the tone of the space he’s in is very dark,

nothing has happened but it seems like something it about to happen,

with a combination of the sound and the camera angle everything gets

more tense and the viewer begin to expect something, this brings

everyone to edge of their seat, the environment is darker and at

this point the cameras bringing both characters out showing facial

expressions, the environment becomes a backdrop, the boy and his dad

shift from the centre of the scene, and the viewer’s focus isn’t

shifts for a second away from the characters, this is very

reminiscing of the technique used in Cabinet of Dr. Caligari to

display insanity of the character.


decent into madness is shown off a lot more when he walks the bar

and it’s filled with people, this also makes the viewer question

themselves as everything could be from the point of the son, it

isn’t out the question that the viewers are seeing what the child

think is happening, so this might all be his imagination, but this

theory is quickly gets shot down by image at the end of the ending,

and the viewers are kept guessing.

In the film the father is portrayed to be crazy, the son seems to be

the one who sees all and the mother is the normal one, so scenes

with the boy are situations where viewers see things that are really

happening but no one ordinary sees it, scenes with the father can’t

be trusted because he is “insane” and the mother has a view of an

average person; but it then become difficult to stick with the idea

of the three characters, because the mother sees two people in a

room as she runs away from her insane mother, this could mean one of

two things; whether the hotel is actually hunted or the mother

begins to have some of the shining, either way as she moves thought

the environment things get tighter and tighter and this brings what

happening to screen a lot more, the character is scared and is

screaming, this is evident and is more visible due to tight


There is also an encounter with the main character and the old

caretaker who was in the same position as him, this is an odd scene

as the character has a conversation with someone who already

existed, many people interpret the situation differently, but this

was showing how far deep the character had gone into insanity, and

Figure 3. Jack and Danny’s little chat

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