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TitleTheory of Vesic 1977
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Symbol Description English Metric

Sv Vertical stress in soil (overburden pressure) ksf kN/m

Sh Horizontal stress in soil ksf kN/m

qult Ultimate end bearing ksf kN/m

Sf = f0 +Ca Side resistance (ultimate), combination of skin friction
and adhesion

ksf kN/m2

f0 Skin friction from friction of soils (ultimate) ksf kN/m

Ca Adhesion from cohesion of soils (ultimate) ksf kN/m

FS_work Factor of safety at working load condition -- --

FS_side FS for side resistance in downward calculation -- --

FS_up FS for side resistance in uplift calculation -- --

FS_tip FS for tip resistance in downward calculation -- --

FS_w FS for weight of pile in uplift calculation -- --

Qtip Vertical tip resistance kip kN

Qup Uplift ultimate capacity kip kN

Qdw Downward (compression) ultimate capacity kip kN

Qneg Load from negative friction kip kN

Qwork Vertical work load or design load applied to pile kip kN

Qallw_u Allowable uplift capacity kip kN

Qallw_d Allowable downward capacity kip kN

Qgroup Vertical capacity of group pile kip kN

Qsingle Vertical capacity of single pile kip kN

Qplate Vertical uplift capacity of plate or bell kip kN

dz or dl Pile segment ft m

Kbat Factor for battered pile -- --

Rt Base rotation degree degree

R,Rside or Rfront Group reduction factor -- --

yt or y Lateral deflection in cm

x Vertical settlement in cm

Lcr Critical depth in uplift analysis ft m

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