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The Forex Trading Formula

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Triad Trading Formula - Training Manual by Jason Fielder


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System 1: Trend Finder
System 2: Squish-Squash
System 3: Target Breakout

Triad Trading

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The Forex Trading Formula

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Triad Trading Formula - Training Manual by Jason Fielder

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The Forex Trading Formula

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Triad Trading Formula - Training Manual by Jason Fielder

and also allows us to pinpoint our entry.

If all this sounds complicated, don’t worry!

The Target Breakout Indicator does all the math for you, so you don’t have to track eight
screens with two different time frames while at the same time doing calculations with the
ATR just to trade the four major pairs on one time frame.

Think about it...would you want to have eight screens open at all times that looked like

I’m guessing your answer is “No,” so let’s look at the Target Breakout Indicator and see how
we use it to trade breakouts...

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The Forex Trading Formula

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Triad Trading Formula - Training Manual by Jason Fielder


Target Breakout (FXI_TBI)

As you’ve already learned, the Target Breakout Indicator identifies areas of potential
breakouts by locating support, resistance, and consolidation.

After locating these areas the Target Breakout Indicator uses a proprietary algorithm that
incorporates the ATR (average true range), price action, and the next lowest time frame to
“target” the ideal price to enter a breakout trade.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the indicator itself is very simple and consists of
a series of horizontal support and resistance lines...

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The Forex Trading Formula

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Triad Trading Formula - Training Manual by Jason Fielder

trading the carry trade: exampLe #3

The NZD/JPY has been a very profitable pair to have in the carry basket. This is due to the
large interest rate differential.

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The Forex Trading Formula

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Triad Trading Formula - Training Manual by Jason Fielder

finaL thoughts on the carry trade

No matter your trading style or preferences, everyone should make room in their trading
portfolio for the Carry Trade. Not only is this trade simple to learn and easy to execute, it’s
also based on strong fundamentals so you can be confident that it will return solid profits
for years to come.

So take a minute or two and STOP looking at the charts. Instead, look at the currencies
themselves (and their interest rates in particular) and see if they qualify using the standards
I just gave you. If they do, start building your own Carry Trade Basket so you can enjoy the
same profit opportunities that the money managers of the world enjoy.

Go ahead, give it a shot. I’m confident you won’t regret it!

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