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TitleUseful Language for Writing CAE Essays
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eg, is because + informal # is attributable
to + formal / as% for+ informal #
en0uire about + formal # choose+
informal # opt for + formal
ear in mind + informal / be ta%en into
consideration + formal

A"stract nouns rather than er"s
Ma%e a reservation instead of boo%
ffer assistance instead of help
Ma%e a complaint instead of complain
1(press your dissatisfaction instead of be

 No idio#atic e+pressions or phrasal er"s

go up informal # increase  + formal
ta%e part in + informal # participate in +

 Replace e#otie language

&dore/ be elated be satisfied with
e great be satisfactory
'eel overwhelmed appear unable to cope/

$andle/ manage/
'antastic valuable/ profitable/ positive/


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