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                            Oracle WebLogic Server 11g:  Monitor and Tune Performance    Student Guide
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Oracle WebLogic Server 11g:

Monitor and Tune Performance

Student Guide


Edition 2.1

December 2011


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Shankar Raman

Technical Contr ibutors
and Reviewers
Bala Kothandaraman
Matthew Slingsby
Serge Moiseev
Nagavalli Pataballa
Werner Bauer
TJ Palazzolo
Nicole Haba
Madhavi Siddireddy
Pete Daly
Sebastian Colas

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Summary 4-45
Practice 4-1 Overview: Monitoring and Tuning HotSpot JVM 4-46

5 Configuring Work Managers

Objectives 5-2
Road Map 5-3
WebLogic Server Threads 5-4
Monitoring a Server Thread Pool 5-5
WebLogic Server Thread Tuning 5-6
Work Manager 5-7
Default Work Manager 5-8
Request Classes 5-9
Request Class Types 5-10
Fair Share Request Class 5-11
Response Time Request Class 5-12
Context Request Class 5-13
Constraints 5-14
Maximum Threads Constraint 5-15
Minimum Threads Constraint 5-16
Capacity Constraint 5-17
Referencing Classes or Constraints 5-18
Sharing Constraints Among Work Managers 5-19
Section Summary 5-20
Road Map 5-21
Work Manager Scope 5-22
Creating Global Work Managers 5-23
Global Work Manager Component 5-24
Assigning Work Managers to Applications 5-25
Application-Scoped Work Managers 5-26
Section Summary 5-27
Road Map 5-28
Understanding CommonJ 5-29
Accessing CommonJ Work Managers 5-30
Mapping CommonJ to Work Managers 5-31
Section Summary 5-33
Quiz 5-34
Summary 5-37
Practice 5-1 Overview: Using Work Managers 5-38

Page 8


6 Tuning Other WLS Components

Objectives 6-2
Domain Startup Mode 6-3
On-Demand Deployment 6-4
Native IO Performance Pack 6-5
Socket Readers 6-6
Stuck Threads 6-7
Configuring Stuck Threads Behavior 6-8
Parameters for Stuck Threads at the Server Level 6-9
Actions upon Stuck Threads Condition 6-10
Auto Restart of the Server 6-11
Stuck Threads Work Manager 6-12
Work Manager for Stuck Threads 6-13
Garbage Collection Thresholds 6-14
Chunk Size 6-15
Tuning the Chunk Size 6-16
Tuning the Chunk Pool Size 6-17
Connection Backlog Buffering 6-18
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 6-20
Logging Considerations 6-21
Log Filters Review 6-22
Quiz 6-23
Summary 6-28

7 Tuning Web Applications

Objectives 7-2
What Is a JavaServer Page? 7-3
JSP Request Processing 7-4
Precompiled JSP 7-5
Using the jspc JSP Compiler 7-6
The appc Application Compiler 7-7
Using the precompile Parameter 7-8
keepgenerated Parameter 7-9
Page Check Interval 7-10
verbose Parameter 7-12
Servlet Reload Check Interval 7-13
Using Web Servers for Static Content 7-14
Session Persistence Considerations 7-15
Session Persistence Cache Size 7-16
Session Timeout 7-17
Session Invalidation 7-18

Page 13


GridLink Data Source A-4

GridLink Data Source and Exalogic: Enable SDP A-5

JTA Read-only One-Phase Commit A-6

Oracle JDBC Driver Properties A-7

Road Map A-8

Connection Pools: Capacity Changes A-9

GridLink Data Source Features A-10

Transaction Logs Can Be in a Database A-11

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